There are those special products that everyone can't and doesn't want to live without.

For example, I don't want to be without
that one wonderfully smelling black bamboo detox mask from IKSKIN, which cleans my skin so well in less than 10 minutes and which calms every sensitive skin.

Every skin should do this at least twice a week in combination with the SCRUB + as a real DETOX / CLEANING to remove all the waste off your skin.

This gives the skin an enormous (cleansing and soothing) boost.

All other care products that you apply afterwards are absorbed so much better by your skin and therefore ensure the desired skin result faster.


I drink 2 cups of it every day, which equals 20 cups of green tea.

It is a real SUPERFOOD and has a powerful detox effect on the skin of your face, but also your body.

It gives me a huge energy boost and it makes me feel better.


For years, I cannot do without the Blemish Balm color Honey from the SCHRAMMEK brand.

It is a super repairing cream with zinc oxide that heals my skin much faster.

Calms, nourishes and has a super coverage.

Perfect as a nourishing, calming camouflage or can even be used as a base for your make-up.

Blocked sun rays and also gives your skin a special glow effect.

Natural, healthy basis for every skin.

Can be used over any other brand of day care.

I would like to keep you informed which products I prefer and why and I hope that I can help you find your MUSTHAVES that you will not want and can do without.

Your skin,
My passion

With love,

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