Do you also want a new skin with:

less wrinkles,
less scars,
less coarse pores,
less skin sagging,
less pigmentation spots,
less pale and even less sensitive.
This is all possible with the same treatment.


The herbs of Dr. Christine Schrammek work safely, effectively & 100% vegetable.

Schrammek herbs can be produced in 3 different strengths,
depending on your skin (problem) and the desired (fast) result
Here is an example of an intensive Green Energy treatment

Day 1 treatment:
Do NOT shower or wash hair up to 48 hours afterwards.
Every day 1 ampoule of Schrammek, adapted to your skin type and wishes.
2x per day herball care lotion (contains 8% of the herbs)
2x a day special regulating cream (against acne)
1x per day blemish balm (brown camouflage cream,
it blocks great against sun rays and restores the skin much faster due to special composition with Zinc)

Result a new beautiful skin after 5 days !!

Treatment is suitable for every skin type, skin tone and almost every skin problem.
Unfortunately not suitable for skin with rosácea or active acne.

The Green Peel treatment & products are
100% natural based from herbs from all over the world with over 60 years of experience in skin improvement & skin rejuvenation

Cost of this intensive Green Energy treatment incl. 1 box of ampoules €130, -

And a bag with 3 products for home use to achieve the best result recommended price €50, -

herbal care lotion (contains 8% of the herbs, strengthens the effect)
regulating cream (for acne skin)
special care cream (for normal, sensitive skin)
blemish balm (uses Zinc, which speeds up the 'healing process' of the skin 4 times faster)

The herbs are on it and the rejuvenation with skin improvement can begin.
Do NOT shower or wash your hair 48 hours after the treatment.
Water stops the operation!
Drink plenty of water at least 2 liters.
Skin will renew itself rapidly, it requires a lot of moisture to be able to recover.
Result in 5 days a new skin
you don't have to stay home for it.
Skin will locally flake or peel slightly.
When your skin is glowing
Then you shine with her ...

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