Permanent make up is a pigmentation method with which you can apply a beautiful, long-lasting and naturally styled eyebrow & Eye-liner.

Permanent make up gives you the pleasure of always looking well-groomed for a long time. You don't have to feel so 'naked' when you look in the mirror in the morning and can save a lot of time making up.

You no longer have to worry while exercising, swimming, sauna, sweating or having your eye-liner or eyebrows in the right place. Permanent make up is such a great comfort, that once you have it, you cannot & will not miss it.

Permanent makeup is like tattooing. However, a tattoo is placed in the subcutaneous connective tissue, this is really permanent. Permanent makeup is placed in the dermis. This pigmentation is therefore not really permanent.

Due to ultraviolet light and the natural renewal of the skin, the pigmentation will fade after 1 to 4 years.

The treatment

The PMU treatment usually consists of 2 treatments. The personal wishes, shape and color of the pigment are discussed in advance. Usually the pigmentation is slightly darker than desired. Within 1 week after the pigmentation, it will become lighter, because the epidermis, also full of pigment, will shed. This may be accompanied by small crusts / flakes. After this rejection, the pigmentation may look a little too light.

The second treatment takes place after at least 3 weeks. Corrections can still be made in shape and color, adapted to your skin and wishes. There are at least 3 weeks between each treatment because then the epidermis is completely renewed, this takes about 21 to 28 days. In older people this takes about 4 to 5 weeks. It is better to take this into account during a follow-up treatment.

Important tips to keep your permanent make up beautiful:           

  • Do NOT use alcohol, anti-biotics, painkillers or blood thinners 2 days in advance, this will prevent crusting. Try not to use any form of drugs for at least 3 weeks in advance. These stay in your blood much longer than you would think and it is a waste of your end result !!
  • Don't tan (1 week in advance and 1 week afterwards).
  • Apply sterile petroleum jelly once or twice a day for a maximum of 1 week to keep the dye in the skin longer and to prevent crusting as much as possible.
  • The first week after the treatment certainly no eye make-up, sauna, sports, swimming pool or sun! Your skin needs time to recover.
  • 1st correction after 21 days, the healing process is in full swing. Your skin is still too sensitive. 1st follow-up treatment includes the treatment price.
  • Any additional follow-up treatment is at your own expense 35.00 per part within 3 months. In order to maintain the best result, it is recommended that you undergo a correction once a year to prevent fading of the dye.
  • Costs at a time, per part €100
  • Unfortunately, the appointment cannot take place in the summer on warm days above 30 ° C. Your blood is too thin and the risk of wounds forming is too great. In addition, no pigment absorption is possible.
  • To cool; after the treatment: Put a few cotton pads in a glass of water in the refrigerator at home before your treatment.
  • A real, important recommendation, especially when you have an eyeliner applied, get Arnica D12 granules in advance at (German) pharmacy. These are based on nature and immediately counteract swelling.

    Take it for at least 3 days, several times a day in advance, also take it with you during the treatment and continue to take it as needed for at least 2 days after the treatment. Your eyes will not or hardly swell. The result of your PMU eyeliner is therefore faster in the skin and more beautiful without thick eyes !!
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